Birds of a Feather Festival will follow all CDC guidelines.

We have 200+ acres on the farm to spread out and practice social distancing and plan to take any measures necessary to make the event as safe as possible. ALL PINK HIGHLIGHTED areas on the map below are MANDATORY MASK areas.  Some of the safety measures we plan to take at the festival this year are as follows:

1. Hand sanitizing stations will be throughout the property near portalets, vending areas & backstage. Portalets will be cleaned and restocked twice daily.  It is up to you also to help keep yourself safe. 

2. We will have protective masks available for festival goers to use in the "mandatory mask" areas of the grounds. They will be passed out at the ticket booth upon entry and also will be available at the Birds merch booth at no expense.

Please bring your own hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, masks etc to help keep yourself safe when back at your camp area or wherever necessary.

3. Temperature readings will take place for all people entering the festival. If anyone's temperature is above 100.3F they will be turned away.  NO EXCEPTIONS so if you are sick please do not come.

4. Although we encourage people to wear masks everywhere, we will have a designated "mask only" area in the main areas of the festival (stage, bathrooms and throughout the entire vending area).  Please see map below.

5. ALL staff/vendors MUST wear masks in designated areas.

6. Golf carts will be wiped down between each drop off.  Drivers and people riding golf carts must wear a mask.

7. Backstage help and security will be required to wear masks and gloves at all times when handling band equipment. There will also be a hand sanitizing station backstage  which staff will be required to use between each band change. STAFF AND BAND MEMBERS ONLY BACK STAGE...NO EXCEPTIONS.

8. Birds of A Feather Festival will paint circles on the stage ground for social distancing.

As we move closer to the festival we will update any changes that may occur.

For additional information for requirements on opening venues and event spaces from the State of Kentucky please click on the link...Healthy At Work-Venues-and-Events-Spaces. 

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